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The Love Care Centre, falling under the purview of the National Institute of Eternal Hope, was formed as a Registered Public Charitable Trust in 2000. Even earlier 1986, the promoters LateDr. John Chelladurai and Sophia Chelladurai had engaged in looking after discarded children, giving encouragement and support to deserted women and engaging in social and development activities aimed towards providing a future with hope.


The Love Care Centre started functions as a well-knit unit rendering succor, shelter, protection, education, medical care etc. with an assured future till our children attain their adulthood. What started with two children has grown to more than 150 children. They come from different parts of the country: namely Manipur, Assam, Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, and Tamil Nadu. Most of the children are from different tribes hailing from some of the most backward areas. The Centre is home to children from many different backgrounds. Some of the children who hail from Manipur have AIDS affected parents or from destitute families. Ongoing guerrilla warfare activities make it very difficult for NGOs to operate there. Some children are from tribal villages in Orissa, where they lack infrastructure facilities and without government funding this has lead destitute families being unable to send their children to school.

The rest of the children are from Tamil Nadu: a combination of Tsunami orphans, Gypsy children, street dancer children, children of convicts and Irular children. The home reaches out to orphans as well as at-risk children of struggling single parents, especially those parents in poor health .Most children arrive at the Centre with few possessions and in a bad condition. We often have to spend time combating malnutrition and ill health. After a few months, the children show more resilience and adapt to life well, settling down to their studies and learn to speak very good English.

What’s distinctive about us?

Every child at the home is recognized as an individual with unique gifts and talents. The five staff members who live with the children know their backgrounds and work to nurture their potential. Each child receives individual counseling and care. Whether it is artistic talent or academic pursuits, each child is given the opportunity to grow. Many students are sent for higher education degrees such as Engineering,B.Com, BBA, B.Sc (Bio-Tech), Biochemistry, Nursing, Teacher Training, Laboratory Technician Courses and so on. Others are encouraged to take on vocational training in areas such as tailoring and secretarial courses. All this culminates in job placements that make them self-reliant.