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Everyone has an equal right to an education

The purpose behind starting Grace Carmel School, attached to the Love Care Centre, was to provide education of a good standard to the children of the Love Care Centre who were unable to attend other schools. The medium of instruction is English following Matriculation syllabus. It was started with 40 children with 5 teachers to tutor these children.

Education is one of the primary goals of the Love care Center. Therefore, the Center insists that every child should be provided with a firm education and to ensure that their future is assured with a vocation of their choice and satisfied living.

Education is the most valuable asset that we can give to these children. When children started arriving at the center, they did not have sufficient exposure to education. Therefore the Management decided to provide basic education with learned teachers at the Center, so they could be brought in level with educational standards provided by the State Government.

Grace Carmel Nursery & Primary School

The purpose of starting the Grace Carmel School in the year 2009 at Kancheepuram was to provide education of a good standard exclusively for the children of Love Care Centre.

Along with the Love Care Centre, Grace Carmel School was shifted to the land at Arpakkam, Kancheepuramm. After shifting the school, the management decided to open up the education provided by the school to children in surrounding villages for minimal fees.

On request of the local people at Arpakkam, the Management decided to provide education not only to the LCC children but also to the children dwelling around this village at affordable fees. From April 2011, the school opened its gates to the local village children. This was done as a gesture of noble service for the betterment of the society.


To improve the standard of education the school has introduced Educom, (Smart Class). Students were able to understand & learn the lessons better through -videos.

Mr V.S Ramana, Head Corporate Communications - from L&T who is such a big support to LCC children, donated EDUCOM – SMART CLASS.


Every year we organize Medical Camp from various Hospitals with known Doctors from Kancheepuram. Very often Meenakshi Medical College & Hospital organize Medical Camp for the Love Care Center children.

Twice L&T organized for a Medical camp for all the LCC and Grace Carmel School Children. General Check up and eye check was done for every staff- Teaching staff & non Teaching staff by Specialist of Kaveri Hospitals (Heart specialist, Bone Specialist & Eye specialists) We are thankful to Mr Ramana, Head Corporate Communications and the HR Team.


Girls and boys are very good singers, Our Children Choir were invited to sing Christmas Carols in various churches. LCC children Choir sing every year in KRIS KRINGLE Christmas Carnival,Chennai Kris Kringle was organized by Mr Kumar Asirvatham, Managing Director of FLY ALBATROSS TRAVEL & TOURS LVT LTD, Chennai,

  • Thompson from Love Care Center won Gold Medal in JUDO (Kungfu) in District level and Silver medal in State level at Karaikudi.
  • Revathi from Love Care Center finished her Nursing course at Kalyani Hospital,Chennai and now working as a full time Nurse at Global Hospital. She is a hard worker. Revathi was recognized and appreciated as thoughtful, skilled and vigilant Nurse of the month at Global Hospitals. God Bless her work. Congrates Ravathi

Some success stories of the children are available

Sanga and her brother Samuel were the first ones to come to the centre at the ages 7 and 5 who had lost their mother. Sanga, after completing her 10th Std at Infant Jesus Matriculation School in Kancheepuram, took a course on Hotel Management & Air Hostess and now she is working as a front officer in a well reputed Star Hotel in Delhi. Her brother Samuel has completed BBA and working in a reputed company.

Rachael Ravathi and her two sisters came to the LCC when their mother committed suicide and there was none to take care of them. Rachael finished her Nursing course and is working in a Diabetic Center. Her sister Ambika finished a course as a Desktop Operator at Anna University, whist their other sister Gowthami completed her B.E and working in a reputed company

David and Pemchui came to the LCC when they were 7 years old, studied in a Matriculation school, and finished their Diploma in Engineering at MGR University. They are now working for reputable companies.

Krishnaveni came to LCC with her grandmother who brought her up from her childhood. She joined 5th std at LCC. A brilliant student, she finished her 12th std and joined BSc Biotechnology at Sankara Arts & Science College. Now she is working in a company and married and well settled.

Kavitha is the child of a leprosy patient and came when she was in 2nd std at 5 yrs old. She is good at English and completed her studies in Victoria Matriculation School. Kavitha completed M.Sc (Biochemistry) at Sankara Arts and Science college.

In the Universities:

Education. They are encouraged to study professional courses of their preference until they attain degree level of study or University level of study.

  • David - after completing Technical course working in Apollo Health Care.
  • Thailu completed B.Com and took a Banking course and working in ICICI bank
  • Kailuni finished B.Sc Philosophy, and MBA and working in HONDA CO. in Delhi
  • Sanga - finished her hotel Management and working in a Star Hotel at Delhi
  • Gowthami finished her ECE and working in a reputed company.
  • Kanchana completed her B.Sc (Bio Chemistry)
  • Kavitha completed M.Sc (Bio-chemistry) this year
  • Rohit and Jeeban doing their 3rd year in BBA
  • Upendra finished his BBA at Shankara Arts and Science College and doing his MBA
  • Suibi, Benjamin, Rojan completed their Graduation working in different companies.
  • Suibi is working in ITC Grand Chola, Guindy.
  • Shankar, has taken Mechanical Engg at Vellore, GGR College of Engineering
  • Daisy completed Air Hostess & Hotel Management working in a Hotel at Delhi
  • Samuel is in the 3rd year doing B.Sc



Kung Fu, a self defense art, is taught to the boys and girls by a master coming from Kancheepuram.

50 boys and girls enthusiastically attend Kung Fu classes. They received their Yellow Belt and Orange belt and they are studying for the Green belt.


Every Sunday, the children attend Sunday Class, with an examination every quarter. This year 15 of them obtained above 85% and several received 1st prize in the main church.


The children are very good singers, and are encouraged to learn guitar, keyboard and drums. Though they do not have good instruments, they greatly enjoy in playing what they have.


Our children are encouraged in Sports and Games.

The boys are very good at football, practicing every day on the LCC's own pitch -a facility that few schools, let alone homes in the region can boast of. Our girls are practicing volleyball - again taking delight in a wonderful facility.

We are proud to say about the following children have made some notable athletic achievements:

  • Suibi came 1st in the district in javelin and shot-put. In his college he is practicing for State level.
  • Malemngamba and Thompson from 10th Standard won shot-put, discus and javelin at journal level are now going for district level.

Sunil and Thompson won the high-jump at journal level are now going for district level